SAP – ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP – SAP provides the key knowledge on collaborative Business Solutions and is a comprehensive program of around 180 to 200 hours. SAP is the world’s largest enterprise software company. SAP platform is experienced by 12 million users across the globe.ERP system is an attempt to integrate all functions across a company to a single computer system that can serve all those function specific needs. Integration is the Key word for ERP – Implementation.
Major Reasons for adopting ERP Systems :

  1. Integrate Financial Information
  2. Integrate Customer Order Information
  3. Standardize and Speed up Operations Processes
  4. Reduce Inventory
  5. Standardize Human Resource Information

At FINPLAN we may choose any one of the below module for the ERP – SAP Program :

  1. FI and CO : FI and CO which stand for Finance and Controlling respectively are the modules best suit to the candidates who intend to integrate and use ERP – SAP within the commerce domain.
  2. ABAP: ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Programming which is programming language module used to development of the ERP and is best suit to students with I.T and Computer Science skills
Program Certification :

  1. Certification from FINPLAN Institute backed with Zentech Info.( SAP Service Partner )
  2. Real Time Industry Training on ERP – SAP
  3. Internship / Placement Assistance in SAP compliant Corporate