Post Graduate Program Finance And Management

The PGFM Program is designed for the leading professional graduates who intend to enhance their skills and knowledge by exposing themselves with real time practical knowledge and application based curriculum for upcoming challenges within the financial sector of growing global corporate world.

The PFGM qualification is equipped with industry robust modules, global certifications, business analytical tools along the blend of learning Finance, Accounting, Banking and Management divided across 3 levels of the qualification viz. :

  1. Level 1 : Foundation Level
  2. Level 2 : Advance Level
  3. Level 3 : Professional Level

Each of the above level has their individual significance in adding value addition towards the career prospect of the candidate pursuing the program.

Program Details :

    1. Foundation Level: The main objective of the foundation level is to enhance the foundation understanding of the candidates mind set alongside delivering the knowledge related to Banking and Finance sector.
      We at FINPLAN strongly believe that the candidate should have a balance of the technical skills and knowledge and also of Business Communication which play a vital role within the growing corporate environment.
      There the focus on shaping the non technical aspects such as the Business Communication and Image building start right from the Foundation Level.


    1. Advance Level: The advance level focuses on the skills enhancement by giving value addition learning in subjects pertaining to Advance Wealth Management and Financial Accounting.
      To give candidates the global recognition to be apart of the domain expertise within the corporate environment, students are also introduced to global certification viz; IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards and ERP – SAP to enhance knowledge and skills on international scenarios.


  1. Professional Level: This level completes aims at associating the candidates with the required technical skills and knowledge of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) as well SAP – ERP along with the FOREX Management.
    This concludes the required output intended to give the candidate become complete global leaders with the required expertise to face challenges in the real practical world.
Main Frame Certifications :

  1. Advance Diploma in Banking and Finance
  2. International Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  3. Post Graduate Program in Finance and Management
Additional Certifications :

  1. Certification in Financial Markets: NSE
  2. Certification in IFRS: ACCA
  3. Certification in ERP – SAP: Zentech Info Solutions (SAP Service Partner )
  4. Certification in Capital Markets: Phillip Capital
Program Features :

  1. Application Based Program
  2. Industry Robust Curriculum
  3. Focus on Learning Business Analytical Software
  4. Program Delivered by Industry Practitioners
  5. Internships and Placements

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