Post Graduate Diploma Taxation

Taxation is a process of tax important to citizens who earn taxable incomeScope & Growth in India – Taxation is fast growing for aspiring candidates and today every organization has a requirement irrespective of small or large enterprise.
Tax accountantRevenue managingTax analysisTax advisor

Tax examiners

Income tax consultants

Tax people in the Indian revenue service hold top positions. They are aggressive professionals in their field.

Following are the modules under this course

  • Direct tax
    1. Introduction to direct tax- Income tax
    2. Capital expenditure, capital receipt, revenue receipts, revenue expenditure, what is deduction, exemption, disallowance, taxable, tax free, loss, gain profit, surplus etc.
    3. Residential status of individual, HUF, Company, partnership, AOP, BOI.
    4. Amendments of finance bill 2013, 2014.
    5. Basis of charge.
    6. Five heads of income
    7. Income from salary, perquisites, deduction.
    8. Income from House property, deductions.
    9. Income from business & profession, disallowance of expenses.
    10. Income from capital gains- long term capital gains, long term loss, short term gain and loss, capital gain on sale of agricultural land, sale of depreciable assets, residential property, capital gain from sale of asset other than residential asset. Deductions from capital gains, set off and carry forward of losses.
    11. Income from other sources and deductions from income.
    12. Deductions from income U/C VI A
    13. Exempt incomes.
    14. Tax working of Individuals, HUF, Private limited company, partnership firms, Co-operative society, Public charitable trusts etc
    15. Computation of income.
    16. Advance tax, SA tax, Interest U/S 234 A, B, C, D.
    17. TDS, TCS, interest and penalties under TDS.
  • Indirect tax

Indirect tax includes


  1. Introduction of VAT
  2. Registration procedure
  3. Threshold limits, levy of VAT, composite scheme of tax, regular scheme of VAT
  4. Hierarchy of sales tax authorities, types of dealers like manufacturer, distributor, dealer, works contractor
  5. Applicability of VAT, calculation of VAT
  6. VAT schedule, preparation of tax invoice, rate schedule, etc.
  7. Set off provisions, dates of filing returns
  8. Practical examples of VAT.


  1. Applicability of CST, Registration procedure
  2. Applicability of service tax, levy of service tax
  3. Charging sections, rate of tax, calculation of tax liability
  4. C Form, D Form and F Form

– Service Tax

  1. Classification of services, services covered under service tax
  2. Applicability of service tax, levy of service tax
  3. Charging sections, rate of tax, calculation of tax liability
  4. Set-off rules, CENVAT credit rules, input and output services
  5. Interest and penalties, service tax invoice.
  • Documents and Compliances
    1. PAN, TAN application
    2. Preparation and filing of Tax returns– individual, partnership, company
    3. Filing of TDS returns .
    4. Preparation of form 16, 16A
    5. Drafting of appeal memo – statement of facts and grounds of appeal–CIT appeal, ITAT appeal
    6. Rectification of mistakes U/S 154
    7. Filling up of registration forms under VAT and CST
    8. Filling up of VAT and CST returns, challans
    9. Application of declaration forms under CST
    10. Registration under Service Tax
    11. Return and challan filling up under Service Tax

These modules are application oriented and would involve internship too for a period of at least a year in ordinary firms or with a chartered accountant.


After successful completion of the exam :
Certificate will be jointly given by Finplan and a seal of standing body of tax consultants.
Candidates in the final year of Graduation or Graduates of Commerce.
7- 8 months
chartered accountants , auditing firms
This program is done in collaboration with a body of tax consultants.
Registration & Business under VAT & service tax, visits to sales tax and income tax office etc. 



  • Student can apply for the course online through our admissions link provided.
  • Student can also download the application form pdf and apply offline
  • Student can also contact the institute authorities for other details regarding applying for the course


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