International Diploma in Marketing practice

This course is done in collaboration with Cambridge marketing collegeAbout CMC Cambridge marketing college has 21 years of experience of teaching professional thereby building a reputation of quality and success.
Having been known for its quality & reputation the college has many awards. The college in recent times has got accredited to deliver CIM ,CAM,CIPR and MRS courses .
It has specialised vertical  marketing only
The course comprises of the following modules

  • Overview of marketing on a function In this module , various aspects of analysis like consumer behavior , market environment , marketing mix is covered as an introduction to the subject of marketing.
  • Marketing planning  This module consists of assessing the market environment, macro environment undertaking the marketing digital markets.
  • Markets Research  This module consist of  research methodologies, research tools  followed by assignments.
  • Integrated communication  This module works on relationship with your customer objective of communication, creating marketing companies, It also involves stakeholder relationship marketing  followed by assignment.
The duration of this program in 6 months . The process involves an initial registration process with us, after which the vertical of the candidates documents , lecturing schedule  is provided to the candidates .After  the completion of this course, assignments have to submitted on the prescribed date. The assessment process is done by Cambridge marketing college followed by an examination on the same.

Certificate will be issued  jointly by Cambridge Marketing College and Finplan

CERTIFICATION International diploma in marketing practices
ELIGIBILITY Graduation / experience of 2 years in marketing profile
DURATION 6 months
PLACEMENTS Brands like FMCG , Service sector like Finance , Banking and Insurance , B2B Industrial marketing , Advertising and PR companies



  • Student can apply for the course online through our admissions link provided.
  • Student can also download the application form pdf and apply offline
  • Student can also contact the institute authorities for other details regarding applying for the course