Infrastructure at FINPLAN is very comfortable and designed as per the international standards and requirements.

There are 4 classrooms each having a seating capacity of 60 and all the classrooms are aptly named after the 4 quarters of every financial year viz. Quarter I, II, III & IV.
We have a well equipped library -KNOWLEDGE STOCK EXCHANGE-stocked with the latest edition books for easy accessibility. There are around 1500 books of national and international authors which the students will find useful for reference purpose and also for enhancing knowledge.
Computer Lab:
This section is named FINANLYSIS and is equipped with the latest and sophisticated computers with appropriate software.
We have a sprawling place where the students can mix together and enjoy their meals in a very friendly atmosphere.
Conference Room:
This is named as THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE where the directors meet to take important decisions for the smooth functioning of FINPLAN and to chalk out strategies for improving the learning experience of the students.
Reception Lounge:
This is called BOLT after the BSE On-Line Trading. This is the place where all the visitors and students are welcomed cheerfully and their queries addressed satisfactorily. This place is managed by administrative personnel who are professionally trained.
This is a 48 seat capacity auditorium called the MINISTRY OF FORTUNE as here we conduct lectures and presentations of prominent speakers and distinguished guests who bring with them a plethora of rich experiences to share with the students.
Staff Lounge:
Apart all the above we also have a staff lounge which is appropriately named CHANAKYA LOUNGE, after the great politician and adviser to Chandragupta, King of the Mauryan Empire. Here the faculty can relax and share their notes and experiences with one another.

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