Diploma Banking & Finance

PROGRAM DETAILS Diploma Banking & Finance is a comprehensive 6-7 month program enabling you to be proficient in skills of management of banking operationsBanking services are important to our economy  for the  development happening in this sector . RBI has permitted the wholly owned subsidiary of the foreign banks to acquire domestic  private sector banks .RBI has also permitted the banks  to set up branches anywhere in the country. With all such efforts by the government, the banking sector is going to be one of the strongest sector of our economy. With the scheme of Jan Dhan Yojna  the awareness of this sector grew drastically and will keep growing in the coming year. Ultimately with the growing needs this sector will create more & more employment
Following are the modules  to be trained to become an efficient & skillful banker
Principle of  Banking
This module consists of banking operations, Retail Banking and Wealth management services.
This is a theory module where in different laws pertaining to banking sector are laid
down This module emphasis on the laws and Regulation of Banks. Students learn about the laws that impact banking operations, transactions and banker-stakeholder relationships
Financial Accounting
Financial reporting, Analysis of Financial statements  are the most important aspects of Financial accounting .
The students understand the financial status  of companies which will further impact the investments depending on their financial status which they will learn in capital markets module.
Sales Managements
Selling is involved every where but skills required for selling will only be honed by actually entering the real world scenario .
This module will make them learn the objections handling and the art of selling.
Capital Markets
This module will be taken by industry experts named Philip Capital (India) Pvt. Ltd.
This module is 45-50 hours taken by industry professionals having an experience of about 2 decades . The environment in which this module will be taken is of real time data and actual market scenario in derivatives where each student will make  and manage his  own portfolio .
The training will be done in the areas of live trading in derivatives which is  rare for education institute but with our consistent efforts Finplan had made things possible to set  the trading  terminals  at their end.  Students will acquire rare skills in derivatives, forex, commodities , equity market and hands on experience in understanding stocks and investment
Excel & Advanced excel
These skills are equally important for any finance individual.
Advanced excel logical function V-lookup function,pivot  function & macros. Apart from classroom session there also a concept of outside sessions, these sessions will be taken at companies of our association  for training purpose where real- time data is shared with them for exposure of knowledge to understand  , this is a very unique feature of  this program. Another unique feature is internship without which the program stands to be incomplete. There is a mandatory requirement of  45 days  involved with companies
Business Communication
This is very important tool  for every candidate in his career,
if Communication skills are appropriate it helps them  in  customer service management  making good impression and lasting relations

  • Diploma in Banking & Finance certificate is provided.

  •  Certificate in capital markets is provided by the industry.




  • Higher secondary passed students.
  • 50% of marks are passing in each to qualify for the certificate
  • 80% attendance is mandatory to qualify for exam.


DURATION 6 – 7 months 
PLACEMENTS The career programs are backed by placement support on successful completion of the subjects to meet
the academic and placement norms as defined by FINPLAN.

  • Banks like  Cosmos, Shamrao Vithal, INGvyasa.
  • MNC’s like Crisil, Emersons  XL Dynanics.
  • Financial Services Philip-capital, Bloomberg  services, Motilal Oswal.



  • Student can apply for the course online through our admissions link provided.
  • Student can also download the application form pdf and apply offline
  • Student can also contact the institute authorities for other details regarding applying for the course


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