Jailaxmi Education Society:
jailaxmi education society is a registered trust in thane working towards the improvement in the lives of the womens in the tribal areas of WADA and 10 other villages around it.
The first such project has been flagged off from March 31s, 2015 in the village of chikli. This village has a population of approximately 2000.the project involved about 52 womens who were given an intensive training workshop for five days from march 31, 2015.
During this workshop they were trained in making paper bags and artificial jewellery-a vocation which has opened new avenues for them to earn a decent income and support them by making them economically independent.this has boosted their self-esteem which is the foundation for leading a happy and contented life.Gradually there would be a line of production for the villagers thereby creating income and making them self reliant and financially independent.The training workshop was conducted by Mrs. Kalpana Heblekar the founder of Hast Handicraft a SSI Unit and training centre approved by Karnataka Government.
Similarly we have another 10 villages adopted for this purpose and the model will be replicated in those village too. This is only the first of its kind initiative which has opened the way for many such self providing programs for the womens from these areas and bring theme into the mainstream of the progressive live which is very human beings birthright.we have also created a market for theme where they would sell their products.

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