Bachelors Degree + PGFM Qualification

This program is the integration of the Bachelors Commerce Degree alongside Post Graduation Certification in Finance and Management.The student across the 3 years of pursuing the Bachelors Program alongside also pursues industry curriculum in the sector of Banking, Finance, Accounting and I.T.

This enables the students to enhance their leadership and technical skills to explore global opportunities within the corporate sector.

Program Details :

  1. 1st Year Bachelors + Advance Diploma Certification in Banking and Finance
  2. 2nd Year Bachelors + International Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  3. 3rd Year Bachelors + Post Graduation Certification in Finance and Management
Additional Certification :

  1. NSE Certification
  2. SAP Certification
  3. IFRS Certification
  4. Industry Certified Professionals
Features of the Program :

  1. Application Based Program
  2. Industry Robust Curriculum
  3. Enhancement of Business Analytical Skills
  4. Program Delivered by Industry Professionals
  5. Global Certification

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